Guest Post: Chomping down on the King of Fruit in Malaysia

The King of Fruit waiting to be eaten.
The King of Fruit waiting to be eaten.  Photo credit: Ian Muirhead

By Deborah Tan & Ian Muirhead

If you eat one thing in Malaysia, make it a durian.

Durian is one of the most acquired tastes in the world. A hard, spikey shell houses this intimidating “king of fruit” and certainly makes it worthy of its moniker. It reigns in every way: the smell, the taste, the feel. Consuming durian is a truly unforgettable experience, or at least my first durian encounter was.

I travelled to Malaysia with my wife to meet once and for all, her overseas family. Having been estranged from this side of her family growing up, the importance of this visit was paramount, so there was no doubt about going to Malaysia in the middle of monsoon season for her grandfather’s 82nd birthday. Read more