Paperless Post: Write that Damn Note

Digital or Analog: Write that Damn Note. A review of Paperless Post.

Stationary, letter writing and note sending have been a theme throughout my life. In fact, I love to write letters and cards as well as receive them, that I made it one of my 18 for 2018. But here comes my big, fat, Canadian confession: like many goal setters, I’ve fallen behind a bit. I’ve been carrying around two letters to two friends in my day timer for about 45 days. The salutations are written, the envelopes stamped, the cards blank.

These days, sometimes a text, phone call or Instagram comment are all I can muster because, well #adultingin2018. While I’ve promised myself to send these two hardcopy letters, handwritten with oodles of love and sincerity, I’m looking for a quick way to reach out to a bunch of besties I miss a lot. Enter Paperless Post


Write that Damn Note: A review of Paperless Post

For anyone who loves the process of picking out cards, stamps, and envelopes, Paperless Post is the digital version. For those of you who have a box full of cool greeting cards collected everywhere from craft sales to coffeeshops, Paperless Post is like a big, online version of your letter box. Some of the cards are created by big-name designers like Rifle Paper Co., Jonathan Adler and Oscar de la Renta. At time of publishing they had over 3000 greeting cards to choose from.

Paperless Post isn’t free. You have to purchase coins at Paperless Post before you can send most of their cards. For $5 you can get 10 coins or five basic cards or two fancy ones, for $10, 25 coins and so on. Like most businesses, you get a better deal if you the coins in bulk.

The Paperless Post is the interface is super easy to use – you can just add contacts from Facebook or your email program. Cards/invites/stationary are simple enough to customize and the RSVP tracking for party invites is available instantly on the site or via email.

Paperless Post is easy to use and pretty well priced.

Besides the designer, big name art stars, I really love all the indie artists on offer at Paperless Post. My faves so far: the Woodsy Thank You note from Kentucky-based illustrator Becca Stadtlander, the punny Thank You card from Hello!Lucky sisters Eunice and Sabrina and the kid-friendly (and young at heart) designs by Meri Meri.

So as W.H. Auden would say:

“Letters of thanks, letters from banks,

Letters of joy from girl and boy

Receipt bills and invitations,

To inspect new stock or to visit relations,

And applications for situations,

And timid lovers’ declarations,

And gossip, gossip from all the nations.”

Whether you’re writing your lover, banker, friend or teacher, Paperless Post is a fast and fun way to make that analog letter writing habit stick. Bonus: you may might brighten someone’s day or at least their inbox.

** This is a collaborative blog post. Paperless Post provided me with some coin credits so I could try out their products. As always, my opinions are my own.**






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