More Garden TLC: How to green up & add some privacy to your yard

Garden TLC: How to add some privacy to your yard
Credit: Counse/Flickr/CC

Most people would agree that creating an element of privacy in their gardens is both a smart and aesthetically sound move. The issue is that many homeowners don’t have a clue where to start. Of course, the issue is often worse for individuals who live in built-up areas where there are a lot of neighbours. Considering that the suggestions in this article could help all readers to get better results from their efforts. With a bit of luck, anyone who reads this post will manage to create a tranquil sanctuary where they can hide away from the world.

Buy some evergreen trees and bushes

All homeowners would benefit from planting some tree species in their gardens to create privacy. The best thing about that idea is that the trees will never lose their leaves, and so the outdoor space will remain protected at all times of the year. Gardeners can read the information here or perform an online search. Depending on where individuals might live in the world, they should search online to find the most suitable plant life for their gardens. Some of the most popular evergreens are:

  • Daphne
  • Fatsia
  • Aucuba
  • White fir
  • Conifers

Install a patio roof

Building a raised or decked patio is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to make better use of their outdoor space. However, nobody wants to see the neighbours spying out of their windows when spending time outside. With that in mind, people might consider investing in a specialist patio roof. Anyone who likes that idea can find out more here or contact relevant companies. The best thing about those products is that it’s possible to close the roof to provide an extra level of privacy. The items come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit every property. So, it’s just a case of gathering some measurements and taking a look at the market.

Make use of climbing plants

There are lots of climbing plants that could provide lots of privacy for families in their gardens. Indeed, it’s even possible to use them to improve the benefits of a patio roof. However, people can also plant them on trellises or frames if they want the best results. With a bit of luck, anyone who does that will block the line of sight of any neighbours. That should make it much easier to strip off and do some sunbathing when the weather improves. Some of the best climbing plants are:

  • Parthenocissus henryana
  • Jasminum nudiflorum
  • Hedera algeriensis
  • Cobaea scandens

After reading this post, more homeowners could make the right decisions this year to add a little privacy to your backyard. The summer is almost over, and so it makes sense to remember these tips and put them into action next spring. That is the best time to plant evergreen trees and climbers to ensure they reach maturity without freezing or facing too many problems. Feel free to use any idea from this page and tailor it to suit the property. There are a couple other useful articles on this blog that could point readers in the right direction. 

More Garden TLC: How to green up & add some privacy to your yard
Credit: Otota Dana/Flickr/CC

How are you creating a little privacy in your backyard this year?





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