Give Your Garden Some TLC: Transform Your Neglected Outside Space

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Sometimes, you can spend so long decorating the interior of your home – making it a cozy haven where you can display family memories and travel mementos – that it means that your garden space doesn’t get given much thought. If the kids use your backyard to play it can become a little messy around the edges. Often this is when you start to have no inclination to get out there and enjoy the space. Therefore, a little Tender Loving Care in your backyard space could be just what it needs to make it a haven and an environment that can be utilized by the whole family.

Here are some ideas to help you to spruce up your garden space and ensure that it’s no longer neglected.

Garden Like a Boss: Tidying And Storage

As previously mentioned, your kids might use the garden the most. Whether they are kicking a ball around or playing tag, these little Tasmanian devils can make a mess of any flower-beds that lived there beforehand. Your backyard is the ideal space to wear out kids and the family dog; however, it can also be somewhere for moms and dads to relax in and enjoy. Therefore you’ll need to think about some decent storage options so that toys, balls, and bikes can be tidied away with ease and your garden will have an instant makeover.

Think about a shed or an outdoor storage container that you can pop discreetly at the end of the lawn and lock up after a busy day outside. Get everyone in the habit of putting items away in there, instead of leaving skateboards, shovels, and sports equipment scattered over the lawn.

Once items are removed from the lawn and patio space, you’ll be able to pick up and dispose of any organic debris like leaves, twigs, and branches that can make the space look messy. You can create a compost heap or  have them collected by your city compost collection.

A clear lawn is far easier to mow, and you’ll give it a neat appearance. Get rid of cracked flower pots, dead plants, and anything else that’s preventing you from having a chic exterior space. Treat the garden as if it were a room in your house: clean, tidy, and neaten it’s corners for an instant facelift, and you’ll be more inclined to get out there for some down time and fresh air.

You can always create sections in your backyard, this will ensure that the kids know where to play and where to keep their soccer ball away from. Creating kid-only zones might just prevent breakages or accidents and you’ll be able to contain the mess they make. The same goes for your beloved pooch; pop a dog house out there and fill with their favorite toys, so they won’t be inclined to chew on fun things that they shouldn’t. Fences and walls can be maintained and given a new lease of life with a lick of paint or a coat of wood stain.

These can be inexpensive ways to elevate your garden space from dreary to dreamy, and it’s a DIY job you can complete over a weekend.

Patio Garden like a Pro: Build And Renovate

To take your backyard to an even higher level because you want to enjoy eating al fresco and use the space to entertain; you could consider updating, building, and renovating a patio or deck area. Creating a beautiful patio space is another great way to section off an area that’s for nothing else but relax and spending quality time eating and enjoying the garden with loved one. Look into your paving options and consider having a gable roof patio area so that the space feels even more like it’s own room. A covered outdoor space will ensure that you can get outside and enjoy a BBQ come rain or shine, perfect for toasting marshmallows on Halloween, or a summer grill-fest.

You could also build walls to section off areas to chill-out in and put up trellis or fencing to let the kids know where the grownups hang out and they make great surfaces for decorative climbing plants, like roses and sweet peas, too. Pergolas, gazebos, and summer houses will also make a huge difference to how the backyard space is used. Consider looking into building a structure that can be enjoyed through every season and could double up as a storage solution, seating area, and a space to display plants pots and hanging baskets. 

Swapping unruly lawned areas and messy patches or soil with a raised decked area is another way to build style and function into the garden. Decking is the perfect way to broaden the area where you can barbecue, relax on a sun lounger, and eat dinner on your outdoor furniture.You’ll also be able to maintain a neat and tidy space far more easily than you would with grass and plants, making it perfect for busy family lifestyles and homes. You can paint or stain your decking wood to match any sheds, fences, or garden structures you’ve built, which will tie the outdoor space together and create a gorgeous backyard “room” effect.

Photo: Ruth Hartnup // CC // Flickr

Eat Local: Plant And Plant Some More in Your Garden

So you’ve tidied, sectioned off areas, and built the structures that you want in your garden, now’s the time you might want to start incorporating a variety of plants. There are plenty of options for the low-maintenance gardener, and you can always change pot plants and window boxes with ease. Trees and shrubs will bring plenty of decorative foliage to your borders and won’t need much looking after at all, plus they are great for the environment (duh). If you’re feeling more adventurous; you could plant some fruit and vegetables so that you’ll have seasonal fresh ingredients to enjoy (perfect for bbq season).

Consider bringing in plants and flowers that will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will ensure that your patio area smells delicious as you walk out of your back door. Go down to your local garden centre and get some advice on what you should be investing in and learn how to take care of what you bring home. Gardening is therapeutic for some. You’ll appreciate the effort when you’re sat outside and breathing in the sweet smells. However you choose to adorn your garden space;,ensure that your whole family can spend time out there, and enjoy and utilize the outside haven you’ve worked hard to create.

How have you made your garden a cozy haven?





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  1. Lucy Avatar

    You have maintained your garden in the proper way. I can sense the beautiful garden in your pictures. Two pictures depicts all your hard-work.

    1. mpost Avatar

      Ha ha thanks Lucy, these photos are not of my yard unfortunately. They are of other people’s yards that I would love to emulate with my hard work. #gardengoals ;p

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