Anthology ~ July Edition ~ Coastlines

Weekend Anthology - July 2017- Coastal Reads
A stunner of the Amalfi Coast c/o Jan Tielens on Unsplash

Here’s a slightly tardy round up of the best links on the web this July. But first a wee #islandlife summer update…

Who is loving all their sunshine, friends, campfires and road trips of our North American summer season? And what about my southern readers? Counting down the days until winter is over?

We’re having a pretty brisk summer here on Haida Gwaii. I think there’s only been handful of days of 20C+ weather. But luckily, the things I love most about summer here are still everywhere: beach hangs, berries and festivals. We’ve been busy picking salmon berries and huckleberries and can’t wait for thimbleberries, salal and black berries. And in the meantime, you might catch me scrolling through photos of the Amalfi Coast, planning for a ladies getaway next year. Oh, the contrasts of life.

Onwards to some of the internet’s best links these days. I’ve been dreaming of coasts around the world. From the Italy to Mozambiqe, here’s a bevvy of coastal reads and links to inspire your weekend.  

Once again Danielle LaPorte knocks it out of the water AGAIN.

Our whole lives are relationships. If you have to choose between flying overseas to see your friends and painting the house this summer — choose your friends. Remember the special day. Go to the wedding. Read them the poem. Check in. Forget the deadline and working over time to please people who will never make you feel as good as your real friends. Our whole lives are relationships. Love accordingly. Search up “Truthbomb” in your fave app store to download, you guessed it, The #Truthbomb App. Or get them delivered to your inbox everyday. Truth wins:

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East coast Africa: a traveller’s guide to Mozambique courtesy of The Independent.

Why Ischia, Italy is a must-visit island via Trish at Trip Styler.

Living on a remote island, food security is often on my mind. On the US Virgin Islands, 97 per cent of their food is imported. Here’s a great read about two organisations tackling this challenge on the US Virgin Islands.

Speaking of food, I made this AWESOME thai feta peanut noodle salad last week sub almond butter from The Endless Meal.

Love on the rails – how a writer fell in love with her hubs while crossing Russia by train 30 years ago.

Lastly, some local love: Conde Naste does Haida Gwaii. Ooohh la la as my three year old would say.

Speaking of swank. About eight of us are searching for a place to rent on the Amalfi Coast next may. Something like THIS (swoon).

Pina coastal critters and more of the best links from the coast
Christmas is coming – hint hint, I love this Pina tank

Ocean Lover’s delight –> have you heard of Ukee-based clothing shop Pina? Nautical + Fun on Etsy, in Tofino & in Ucluelet, B.C.

Lastly, happy belated, post-humous birthday Mr. Mandela. Want to celebrate with song then check out these 10 songs devoted to Madiba from The Nation.

How are you going coastal these days?

Share your best links below.  





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