Motivation Monday: On Procrastinating

For the last two months I’ve had a wonderfully creative, amazing, glittery, golden idea in my mind. But it hasn’t happened. I’ve been procrastinating big time. Thinking, planning, daydreaming, reading, pinning about this idea but not doing.

Until this past weekend.

I’m building an alter/bookshelf this month like my life depends on it. I’ve been reading Sonia Choquette’s Tune In: Let your Intuition Guide you to Fulfillment and Flow.

The theory is that this alter will ground me. It will be a place to practice my newly researched, “tuning in”. This little gold/white/pine structure will hopefully invoke creativity, love, forgiveness, patience and doing-ness. My shelf will channel Barbara Streisand with it’s 70s pattern, gleam the gold of South Africa’s Karoo region, the bright whites of floating clouds and some untouched pine to anchor me to Mama Earth. This alter/shelf is meant to remind of my ability to listen to what Choquette called my Kefi, my inner voice, my gut. No pressure, right? 

But first, I must start. F#*k procrastination, f#*k pinterest and screw slowly gathering my supplies. It’s all here – I’m ready to start, I reminded myself this weekend. Progress: I paint-taped off the top level of my alter/shelf. Tomorrow I’ll paint it. Next the legs. And so on.

One step at a time.

As one of my all time favourite bloggers, mama and biz lady types, Elise Blaha Cripe says, start today and/or don’t overthink it

What are you making progress on this week? How do you usually stop procrastinating. I’d love to read your comments (ahem, not as a way to procrastinate, that is).





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