Guest Post: Outdoor Fun in Bandung

The hustle & bustle of West Java's capital city: Bandung. Photo credit:
The hustle & bustle of West Java’s capital city: Bandung. Photo credit: Achmad Soerio Hutomo/Flickr/CC

By Jyotsna Ramani of Wander With Jo

Bandung, the capital of West Java, is nicknamed Paris of Java because of it is remarkably similar to both Paris and Europe. The city also enjoys another nickname – Flower City – as Bandung used to have many flowers. The city boasts of mild and year round pleasant weather and is equally popular with the local Jakartans who travel there for weekend trips and international travellers who trek there for short or long stays. For outdoor fun in Bandung, there are a lot of hotel options but one of the best is the Dago Highland Resort because of it’s access to local golf courses and cultural parks. So find out here what kind of outdoor fun you can have in Bandung and places like the Dago Highland.

Alun-alun is the city square in Bandung and is typically a square of grass fields with the major residence and a grand mosque that has undergone a major renovation and expansion. Tangkuban Perahu lies towards the northern side of Bandung and Lembang is the nearest city. Your trip to Bandung will not be complete without visiting the crater of an active volcanic mountain.

Explore the Volcanoes, Resorts & Gardens of Bandung, Indonesia

It is fun to hike to the top by foot from Lembang, the path is not too steep. There is a tourist spot at the crater, and you will find another amazing site, ‘Kawah Upas’ near the main crater.  On reaching Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah Ratu, the main crater is the first thing you will see. The crater seems dormant, but a vent on a side emits some smoke. Gaze at the stunning scenery around and below the mountain. A trip to Tangkuban Perahu is often the highlight of any visit to Bandung.

Tangkuban Perahu is on the northern edge of Bandung. Photo Credit: Zul Rosle//Flickr//CC
Tangkuban Perahu is on the northern edge of Bandung. Photo Credit: Zul Rosle//Flickr//CC

Take the trek down to Kawah Domas to get a closer look at the volcanic activity. It is about an hour and a half from Kawah Ratu down the hill to Kawah Domas. Enjoy egg boiling and mud massages or simply take a walk around Kawah Ratu. The walk to Kawah Domas is a must-do experience, what with the boiling water, bubbling mud and the hissing sulphur vapour all around you. You can also watch the hot water springs from very close by.

The trip up to Tangkuban Perahu is on a hilly road. To avoid the uphill workout, you can hire a ‘motorcycle cab’ or rent a motorcycle. Visit the Juanda Forest Park that boasts some interesting areas. This is an ideal place for families to have picnics and enjoy the outdoors. You can explore some old World War II caves that were used by the Japanese in the 1940s. You can also take a walk or ride by motorcycle on the Angkot routes.

Apart from loads of outdoor fun, Bandung offers incredible options for visitors in the food and shopping realms. There are endless options to explore in the exquisite atmosphere of the city in the West Javanese province. Enjoy the cool calming weather, the heritage in arts and culture of Bandung and the grand views of a city nestled between three mountains. Start planning your trip right away and become a part of the millions of tourists that flock here every year!

Thanks for introducing us to Bandung Wander with Jo!

Outdoor fun in Bandung, especially with flowers involved. Photo credit: Phalinn Ooi/Flickr/CC
Outdoor fun in Bandung, especially with flowers involved. Photo credit: Phalinn Ooi/Flickr/CC

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