The Mid-Week Anthology ~ August 2016 ~

Can't get enough of the AESTATE wall tapestries.
Can’t get enough of the AESTATE wall tapestries.

I miss doing these curated lists. But frankly, the interwebs cruising has not happened much these days. We’re settling into our new place, developing in our new life rhythms and hanging out with old (visiting) friends and getting to know new island buds. This summer has been fantastically, exhaustingly, excitingly busy. Our neighbour warned us that there was literally a-festival-a-weekend here on Haida Gwaii, and she was not joking.

My summer highlights so far? Swimming at Gray Bay,  remembering my inner activist during the Buffy St. Marie set at Edge of the World, watching the Clan Together Born pole go up and watching our son scramble for parade candy. We thought we would be doing a lot more campfire cooking this year but believe it our not our rainforest-fringed island home is experiencing a level 3 drought. It’s green here with pretty major swatches of brown, so there are not a lot of campfires these days.

And now onto some sweet stories, recipes and fixations.

We found a sweet off-grid glamping getaway during a misty, fun weekend in Masset, BC. More about our stay at North Beach Cabins coming soon.

My new favourite Society 6 shop the AEState: think tropics, cacti & buffalo.

Story-listening: thanks to Jallian at Savoir There for her podcast recommendation for The Moth.

Did anyone else binge watch Stranger Things? Did it remind you of Stephen King movies and being scared like that time in grade 6 I watched Pet Cemetery and had to get a ride home to my house, three houses over (not kidding).

Speaking of watching – Elize Strydom wins tweet of the week:

And more smiles: the power of a great smile is universal.

I dream of weekends like these. Girlfriends – lets organize a fall getaway, okay?

When we buy a place, I want to build a writing shed, a she-shed to be exact. (More she-shed at my cabins/trailers board on Pinterest)

File under: Dee-feckin-licious. A couple weeks back I made homemade blackberry & saskatoon poptarts.

Quality over quantity: the price threshold for non-sweatshop jeans is about $100 according to Refinery 29.

Lastly, a lovely example of great travel writing about my home & my work over here.

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