For all the Valentine’s Day Lovers + A Cookbook Giveaway


Haida Gwaii_Cover_HiResThat dreaded time of year is around the corner. I’m not talking about speedo-swimming-trunks-bikini shopping season. Nope. This is even more difficult: Valentine’s Day. Like eating Brussels Sprouts, there are two camps when it comes to V-day: lovers and haters.  This usually has something to do with whether or not you’re in love or you’re out of love.

My partner and I aren’t a super Valentine’s Day gifty couple, our gift giving tends to focus on experiences more than things. But if we won the Lotto Max tomorrow, besides picking up and buying a cinnamon plantation on Zanzibar, I would love to give or receive any or all of the items on my Valentine’s Day gift list below. I’ve split the Valentine’s goodies into For Real (affordable), Swoon (awesome) and Dream (luxury) categories.

And as a happy Valentine’s Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day to you all dear readers, I’m also offering up a giveaway. Scroll down for details about how you can win a copy of Canadian Poet Susan Musgrave’s A Taste of Haida Gwaii from Whitecap Books.

Part travelogue, part cookbook, this whimsical tome – and it is a tome, coming in at 374 pages – is filled with gorgeous photos of Haida Gwaii curiosities, food lore, tiny personality profiles and sumptuous recipes.

Musgrave, a former poetry teacher at my alma mater, owns a quirky Bed & Breakfast in Masset, which just so happens to be in one of my favouritest small towns on earth. A Taste of Haida Gwaii offers a glimpse of what it’s like to run a successful small business based on being a fun host, local food lover and all around inquisitive human on the western edge of Canada. A particular footwear maven once said to me she likes reading good cookbooks in bed, this definitely falls into that category. Scroll down for more info on the book and how to win.

I hope you enjoy pondering this list as much as I loved curating it. Happy Lovers Day this weekend loves!

For Real

Halibut Rose Petals

At a $34.95 A Taste of Haida Gwaii: Food Gathering and feasting at the Edge of the World is as glorious a kichen bible as it is living room conversation piece. And the recipes are both practical and delicious.

I love puns. I love cussing. So of course I love theseForFoxSake

ESL or Emoji as a Second Language classes required. Luckily, I speak (and type) this fluently

ESL or Emoji as a Second Language classes required.

Stitchers are gonna stitch. Love this cheeky cross stitch from Etsy.


If you love critters, consider donating to the BC SPCA this week. Recently, they’ve completed a couple of major swoops into some big time animal abuse scenarios and need dog beds, blankets and cash to help accommodate so many critter friends.



Because love letters are better when they’re imperfect and typed out, on a typewriter


Lounging on this throwback chair that the Rat Pack probably chilled out in Palm Springs-style decades ago.

Love this mid-century modern chair from Etsy
Love this mid-century modern chair from Etsy


Because yarn on your walls is the new knitting



A life’s supply of luscious, salty locks thanks to Pura Botanicals’ Mane Mist (Read my mini-reveiw here).

Edmonton's Pura Botanicals makes the best hair product I've encountered in a while.
Edmonton’s Pura Botanicals makes the best hair product I’ve encountered in a while.


My nine year old Miss Sixty’s from Gravity Pope recently retired I mean died. So these from Poppy Barley will do:

Poppy Barley: Luxury for the People
Poppy Barley: Luxury for the People


A weekend in NYC might be in order soon. It’s been exactly a decade since I was there dancing at the Guggenheim, wandering through NYU and eating sandwiches at Katz’ deli. The Citizen M hotel in Times Square looks like my kind of getaway: hip, tonnes of colour and centrally located. Actually the whole Citizen M group exudes big city chic.

Nothing says love like exploring NYC by foot & hanging out in hip hotels like Citizen M
Nothing says love like exploring NYC by foot & hanging out in hip hotels like Citizen M

Annnnd drum roll please….please don’t forget to enter the cookbook giveaway. Contest closes February 18, 2016.

Flourless chocolate torte: one of the many recipes in A Taste of Haida Gwaii cookbook up for grabs

A Giant Congrats to Kate Rainy! You won the cookbook.
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6 responses to “For all the Valentine’s Day Lovers + A Cookbook Giveaway”

  1. Ari Avatar

    Paris was soooo romantic!

  2. melody pittman Avatar

    Fun post! Those cookbooks look very interesting! I LOVE the mugs because cursing is my favorite vice! LOL My husband used to give his parents “dream” holidays lists every year when they asked what he wanted. Of course they never gave him the Bentley or the $19K shearling coat.

    1. mpost Avatar

      We can always dream, right?

  3. Kate Avatar

    By far and away the most romantic place I’ve ever visited is the white sand beaches at Cape Scott. Or Paris! Very different…

  4. Katie Avatar

    The most romantic place I’ve ever visited is Cinque Terre. Gorgeous views, amazing food, and I’m a sucker for the locks of love.

  5. JessieV Avatar

    The most romantic place? The west coast of Ireland. SWOON!

    Love this cookbook – and all of the fun things you’ve shared today!

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