Motivation Monday: Canadian Crush

Quote by Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni.
Quote by Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni. Photo by me: Ottawa train station.

Currently crushing on Canada….

And the look of a red and white flag with a maple leave flapping in the wind. Positive leadership. The sound of red/yellow/orange leaves crunching under my feet. The gravelly tones of Leonard Cohen’s voice. Holiday traditions. Pancakes slathered in  maple syrup. Conversations in train stations. Million-strong cheers for Olympic hockey games. Mountains carpeted in conifers. Long road trips. Short road trips. River swimming holes. The taste of salt on my lips, neoprene on my body. Endless canola fields. Buffalo scratching their heads. The way the Rocky Mountains stretching towards the sun. Northern Lights dancing on the horizon. Local, fresh produce, meat and dairy. Poppies on left lapels. George Stroumboulopoulos djing in our living room. Snow on the ground. Visions of totem poles on my hard drive. Small town Chinese food. Big city croissants. Parks, parks and more parks. Salmon swimming upstream. Whales spouting in English Bay. Moose strolling across our front yard.

Canada is so vast – I’ve only seen a small portion of it but I’m so excited to travel more, because of all these things. I’m feeling pretty excited to be living in Canada these days – like the future is sunny though we’re heading into the season of short days and low temperatures. Oh Canada, I do adore you so.

What do you love about your country? Is there a smell/taste/feeling that instantly brings you ‘home’? 





10 responses to “Motivation Monday: Canadian Crush”

  1. Tasha Avatar

    Yes! Small town Chinese food! xo!

  2. New England family Travel Diary Avatar

    I loved you piece. It reminded me of my first speech for my Freshman Speech class in College. I presented a Speech on Connecticut:my home state. Took a 2 week tour through eastern Canada in August…seriously fell in love. Enjoy your beautiful country!

  3. Nancy Avatar

    Beautifully put, there are so many beautiful places to experience in Canada. And you definitely got me with Pancakes slathered in maple syrup! There is nothing better than real Canadian maple syrup, its the best!

    1. mpost Avatar

      Pancakes and maple syrup are definitely a Canadian tradition I hold dear.

  4. Sonal of Drifter Planet Avatar

    Canada has been in my wishlist for a very long time 🙂

    1. mpost Avatar

      You should definitely come – depends on what you like in terms of activities. Summer is great for lake/river/ocean swimming. While winter is fab for enjoying snowsports like snowboarding or snowshoeing. 🙂

  5. evan kristine Avatar

    It is such a huge country and I’m sure one day you’ll get to visit all of its beauty!

  6. Milosz Zak Avatar

    I couldn’t agree with that quote more. I had great reservations against my country of origin, Poland, but it has since developed into a paradise for travelers – most places need the time to transform themselves from decades of neglect, and that is exactly what happened in that instance.

    1. mpost Avatar

      It’s funny how that works hey – when other people start appreciating where you’re from, you do too.

  7. Gearoid McSweeney Avatar

    An interesting post! I shall have to make it to Canada someday.

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