Weekend Anthology ~~ 29*August*2015

F*#king awesome jobber Amber Haase turned me on to spritzers a few years back and I’m all over these.

Speaking of booze, have you read Roads & Kingdom’s happy hour feature: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

Did you know when pigs leave a stress-free, happy life their tales are curly? We learned this at Alberta Open Farm days at our fave bacon-makers Irvings Farm Fresh last weekend. (See photo above of my dad/the little dude checking out the happy Berkshires).

Loving The Weeknd’s new album Beauty behind the Madness (warning bad bad words).

How to find other cool blogs to read by Sarah VonBargen.

Mama went to a fash-party this week! Poppy Barley just launched their fall line of fair trade kicks. Read more in their new mag.

Wanna start travel blogging? Listen to this podcast by Going Awesome Places’ Will Tang.

A family of five travelled 17,000 miles in 63 days. #NBD. Road trip tips for families here.

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Happy weekending!





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