Motivation Monday ~ Sometimes the last minute is the best minute

Horse Thief Canyon near Drumheller, AB.
Hiking trails in Horse Thief Canyon near Drumheller, AB.

A lifelong friend who lives 22 hours away and two land masses away from you calls on a Thursday. She said she would be a mere three hour drive away on Saturday.  “Do you want to try to get together?”

Heck yes.

Because sometimes a last minute, 24-hour trips to a tiny, hoodoo-filled, dinosaur town is the best place to rendezvous with a lifelong pal and her family.

We all have to make long and medium term decisions all the time. They require planning, calendar marking, preparation. Adulting. But then sometimes you’re faced with a game time decision like this. So, you just go ahead and go. Because sometimes the last minute is the best minute. It’s okay if you don’t find the cheapest and closest place to stay or the shortest, best route there and back. Sometime life needs a little zig when you’ve been zagging for quite sometime.

I’ll tell you later on this week about the trip. But the gist of this Motivation Monday is this: you only have so many minutes in life. Most are planned and routine. You know what’s going to happen, approximately when and with who.

So when I was invited on this trip, it was a chance to bust out of this routine. We organized our 24 hour sojourn with less than 24 hours notice. Our last minute trip was exhilarating, fun and felt like the old days of travel (aka pre-child, pre-adult job, pre-30s). So, yes, sometimes those last minutes are the best minutes when it comes to spending quality time in a new place with old friends. Sometimes, the last minute is the best minute.

When was the last, last minute trip you took? Where did you go and why?

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