Motivation Monday ~ Escher & Chaos


“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”

~ M.C. Escher

I’ve always been a giant mouthful, bite off more than she can chew type. So why wouldn’t I try to launch my blog baby and move and face multiple freelance deadlines in the same week? Why? Because I’m a special kind of silly.

So I was going to post a photo of our CRAZY messy, amazing, cute little Edmonton rectangle house to share with y’all but there’s just a little too much chaos. Give me a week in our new home and then perhaps a photo or two. So instead I’ll show you one of my favourite parts of our new place. Our crazy Mad Men-esque, mid-century modern light fixture in our bedroom (and a wee snippet of the Maasai blanket I’m using as a curtain until we find – err unpack – our real ones). Isn’t it basically a mid-century modern orgasm of cool? I think so. Have a great week folks.





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