Friday Anthology 5*June*2015

This week is moving week for us. Each night after work and daycare pick up we’ve been trundling a station wagon and mini van full of boxes to our new pad. We’re on the verge of finally leaving our waaaaayyyy long house sitting gig at the in-laws. I’ll miss the country but I’m itching to get back into the city. In fact I might be a little Kimmy Schmidt next week, like THIS.

I’m loving Skinny LaMinx’s new DigiDot collection inspired by a recent block printing workshop India founder Heather Moore attended.

Summer is in full swing now isn’t it? Edmonton is finally all about continuous, hot, awesome days. So I might be making some of 204 Park’s watermelon freshies in the future. Speaking of things you put your mouth: check out Vitamin Daily’s cookbook giveaway

A view south: Edmonton summer sky
A view south: Edmonton summer sky

Have you ever had a dirty weekend away with your partner? Babycakes is almost ready for a sleepover night or two with the grandparents so we can do THIS.

I feel like summer is always better when you have a pool buddy (aka a friend who has a pool or unlimited access to one). Preferably something like these 21 pools. Realistic, right?

My two favourite Instagrams this week are the globetrotting, conservation angled snaps by @PaulNicklen (of National Geographic fame) and @Gooseloveslamb, a sweet little baby clothing company from Vancouver Island.

Lastly – if you haven’t heard The Very Best’s new album ‘Makes a King’ yet, at least listen to their title single (and kick axe video featuring Ethiopia Skate, an NGO that helps kids access boards and boarders). 

Hope you’re having a Fab Friday friends. Share your favourite Instagram/summer drinks/new tracks/Kimmy Schmidt moment in the comments below.

xo MP

PS the lovely watermelon photo is courtesy of: Poppet with a Camera/Flickr/CC





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