6 Strong Summer Drinks to Cool You Down this Hot Season


New York hospitality magnate Danny Meyer once said: “A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care.

The ladies below must really care about the patrons, friends and regulars they serve, because they’re all known for their superior beverages and service. Summer usually means experimenting with flavours, staying cool and relaxing somewhere outdoors (maybe a backyard/patio/courtyard).

If you check out my ‘Summer’ board on Pinterest, its contents are primarily the cold, refreshing, liquid kind.  Summer always widens my adult beverage palate because there are so many fresh ingredients available to include in your summer drinks – from lovage to limes, cherries to cucumbers. I’m so excited to share these six tasty cocktail recipes from Canada’s best female barkeeps. Now is the time to show your BBQ/Patio Party/Friday night drinking buddies you care. Cheers to summer! Read more

Motivation Monday ~ Wait out the Storm


We went to our first Instameet as a family this weekend. As we prepared to leave, the clouds gathered, the wind blew. The traffic snarl that is summer construction season was a gong show as we exited the city to drive east. Our route to the destination – Elk Island National Park – was straight into the middle of Mordor-esque clouds. By the time we arrived, the skies opened and were spewing a drenching rain.

I was so excited to attend, though, so we drove up. An hour after we passed through Elk Island’s gates, the storm was in full tilt. The meet up was in a covered area, so we all stood around chomping on donuts and brownies and chips waiting out the storm. When it stopped the sun rose again like a giant warm hug, drying us off and making the park all the more verdant.

Our son hopped in puddles, checked out the fwah-wahs (flowers) and guks (ducks) and chopped his first roasted hot dog. I snapped a hundred mediocre photos and about two good ones. The sun was warm and mellow and I chatted with other instameet’ers about photography geekery.

I’m so glad we waited out the storm, because it was the perfect soggy then sunny kick off to summer season.

Friday Anthology 19*June*2015

Well that week flew by. I swear our little dude grew three inches, I unpacked about 750 more boxes. Or maybe it was just 17.

This is officially week three of Anchors + Proteas and I must say hearing all the feedback from friends near and far plus new readers is such a motivator. Did you know Anchors+Proteas has a Facebook page – makes following the conversation easy peasy.

I feel completely blessed to know a lot of people with cool jobs. So if you want to read about two of people with f*#king awesome jobs (such great jobs I feel the need to swear) then jump into the world of Element Botanicals’ Amber Haase and the Brinkman Climate’s Joseph Pallant.

In case you missed it, I walked y’all through my favourite ways gathering city intel. If you’re more digital than analog, check out Calgary Travel Blogger Jody Robbins’ travel app picks hereRead more

Friday Anthology 5*June*2015

This week is moving week for us. Each night after work and daycare pick up we’ve been trundling a station wagon and mini van full of boxes to our new pad. We’re on the verge of finally leaving our waaaaayyyy long house sitting gig at the in-laws. I’ll miss the country but I’m itching to get back into the city. In fact I might be a little Kimmy Schmidt next week, like THIS.

I’m loving Skinny LaMinx’s new DigiDot collection inspired by a recent block printing workshop India founder Heather Moore attended.

Summer is in full swing now isn’t it? Edmonton is finally all about continuous, hot, awesome days. So I might be making some of 204 Park’s watermelon freshies in the future. Speaking of things you put your mouth: check out Vitamin Daily’s cookbook giveawayRead more