It’s all about prep: Tips for easy Camping + Cooking

Campfire cooking: a little prep goes a long way. Pictured: my recipe for paprika/onion potatoes. Don't you love my fire engine red Coleman enamel plates?
Campfire cooking: a little prep goes a long way. Pictured: my recipe for paprika/onion potatoes and essential mug of camp beer.

As these dog days of summer scorch on, I can’t stop planning daydreaming up more weekend sojourns.

So far, my little fam has escaped to the bush for two mini-camping-esque trips: a woodsy sleepover just outside of Edmonton and a quick glamping stay at the CUTEST cabins in Drumheller.  Now it’s time to graduate to a two night camping adventure: we’re headed to Lesser Slave Lake (one of Alberta’s biggest lakes) to camp with friends. We’re hoping to play on the beach, watch some meteor showers and eat delicious food with great friends making the trek from Northeast B.C. This weekend’s meals won’t be all hot dogs and s’mores. Instead, we’ll be cooking up some of our awesome backyard bounty and farmers market finds.

Earlier this summer, before all our fantasy camping trips were becoming reality, I contacted a chef and avid camper for some camp cooking pro tips. Canadian Tire camping Ambassador Chef Josh Wolfe** is a Vancouver-based camper and chef (of Good Wolfe Kitchen and Fresh Local Wild food truck fame), who loves to demonstrate his love of fishing, cooking and eating outdoors.   Read more

Motivation Monday ~ Sometimes the last minute is the best minute

Horse Thief Canyon near Drumheller, AB.
Hiking trails in Horse Thief Canyon near Drumheller, AB.

A lifelong friend who lives 22 hours away and two land masses away from you calls on a Thursday. She said she would be a mere three hour drive away on Saturday.  “Do you want to try to get together?”

Heck yes.

Because sometimes a last minute, 24-hour trips to a tiny, hoodoo-filled, dinosaur town is the best place to rendezvous with a lifelong pal and her family.

We all have to make long and medium term decisions all the time. They require planning, calendar marking, preparation. Adulting. Read more