Coasting: 5 Must Stop Cities On The California Coast

5 Must Stop Cities on the California Coast
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As road trips go, it’s safe to say that taking a journey along the Pacific Coast Highway on the California coast is one of the best around. Not only do you get to benefit from the glorious California sunshine, but the 1000 kilometres or so that you get to explore is a natural paradise too.

Incredibly scenic, the California coast drive sports some of the most amazing coastal views the USA has to offer. But you’ll also spot smaller villages, forests, and a vineyard or 10 along with way. If you were to take your time, the drive is around ten hours not stop. But if you’re hoping to make a few stops along the way, then here are five that you should think about going with.

5 Must stop cities on the California coast
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California Coast stop 1: San Francisco

First of all, you’re going to want to start from, or make your first stop at, San Francisco. Or San Fran for short. San Fran has so much to offer as a vacation spot. You’re definitely going to want to take a drive over the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge, which is definitely one of the most notable parts of the city. But you’ve also got a trip to Alcatraz Island to make while you’re in town too. And you’re definitely going to want to take a trip on the iconic city trams too. If you’ve got time for one last thing, make it Lombard Street and thank us later.

Cali Coast stop 2: Santa Cruz

Next, there’s Santa Cruz to consider. Find yourself some accommodation, such as Aqua Breeze Inn, and stay awhile. Because this retro town is completely full of character. It’s definitely got an air of all things ‘60s about it. From the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to the stunning beach, you’ll enjoy a relaxing time when you’re in town.

Malibu: 1/5 Must stop cities on the California Coast
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Beach life: Malibu

And you’re definitely going to want to make a stop in Malibu too. This place is like no other. There’s so much to do on a Malibu beach day, that you’re not going to want to do an awful lot else. So be sure to book a hotel and stay here if you want to enjoy that kind of laid back Californian lifestyle. With incredible beachfront houses and health food restaurants, being in Malibu is really like living the Californian dream.

The Sparkliest Jewel of the California Coast: Los Angeles

Then there’s always LA. Los Angeles could take awhile. So if you’re planning on staying in one spot for a long time, make it LA. You’ve got the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame and you have to take a stroll down Rodeo Drive too. Not to mention the studio tours. There are so many incredible places to eat while in town too, that even foodies will love it here.

Southernmost stop: San Diego

And finally, you’ve also got the southernmost stop on the list; the lovely San Diego. Here you’ll some incredible views and a wealth of sights to see too. You’ve got the Balboa Park and Old Town to see on foot, and you should definitely head to the Cabrillo National Monument if you want the best 360 views of the bay too.

Where are your must-stop spots on the California Coast? 

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